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Arlington's Tree Canopy Program and the Columbia Pike Streetcar are the topics for the May 14, 2014 meeting.  Learn how you can get a shade tree planted on your property at no expense to you, and find out what some of the issues are that distinguish the 2 transit options that have been under discussion for Columbia Pike. The meeting will be held at Taylor Elementary School.  A social half hour with refreshments will begin at 7:00pm and the meeting will start at 7:30.




Donaldson Run Stream Restoration

For information about the project, go to the County's Tributary B web page. To see a video about the original stream restoration project, click here.

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Home Neighborhood Issues Marymount University Minutes from Marymount NRC Meeting-April 11, 2011
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Marymount University Neighborhood Relations Committee

April 11, 2011

7:00 p.m.

Reinsch Library Board Room


Present:  Mr. Ned Rhodes, Ms. Alice Harrington, Ms. Anne Wilson and Ms. Christine Smith.  Also present were Mr. Matt Pfeiffer (Arlington County), Dr. Ralph Kidder and Mr. Frank Rizzo (Marymount University) and Ms. Bhavna Mistry Lee (Owners’ Representative).


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.


Dr. Kidder led a discussion of the Master Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), which has been held up awaiting a permit from VDOT.  He said that Marymount has proposed a solution that would keep money in a performance bond with the County to pay for the work once VDOT issues the permit while giving the University the C of O. Mr. Pfeiffer said the County agrees with the University that it is not abrogating its responsibility.  Money would stay in escrow and will be reviewed after three years.  Ms. Lee spoke about the punch list items – no onsite David personnel remain.  As the University uses the building some issues have arisen.  Dr. Kidder gave an example of the octagon manual light switches.  Ms. Wilson likes the lights in the clock tower and Ms. Harrington likes the building.


Dr. Kidder discussed the statue and the water feature.  Mr. Rhodes asked to see a picture of the fountain.  Ms. Lee said it was a dribbler and showed a picture of it.  Dr. Kidder described three options for de-icing the pedestrian bridge that still are being considered.


Mr. Rhodes asked about the rough spots on Yorktown Boulevard.  Ms. Lee said that in a conversation with Mr. Rob Gibson of the County he reported that the County caused the damage.

With respect to why the road stripes are placed where they are, the County changed the striping plan after road was striped.  The County knew this problem was going to arise because of composite material used in striping.  The only solution is to repair the road.  Mr. Pfeiffer agreed to take the issue to DES.


Ms. Lee said Mr. Gibson is going to have a pedestrian sign installed under the University bridge.  Mr. Rhodes asked if the crosswalk was in the wrong place.  Ms. Lee said the County moved our crosswalk to this space.  Mr. Pfeiffer agreed to follow up.


Ms. Wilson said the County installed signs limiting parking to two hours instead of installing parking meters.  Ms. Wilson again raised the issue of trash on 26th Street.  Dr. Kidder said the University would consider adding trash cans at Yorktown Boulevard and 26th Street and at the old garage on Yorktown Boulevard.


Dr. Kidder gave an update on the renovation project.  He also distributed the Parking Management Plan and said the County has asked for some changes.  The University will comply and then re-distribute the plan.


Mrs. Harrington discussed parking issues. Mr. Rhodes said there are no lines getting into the garages.  Dr. Kidder agreed that it is working well.


Dr. Kidder agreed to set up a meeting to present the renovation project once the plans are far enough along that a meeting will be fruitful.


The next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2011.

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