Arlington, VA 22207

Arlington, VA 22207


Upcoming Meeting

Arlington's Tree Canopy Program and the Columbia Pike Streetcar are the topics for the May 14, 2014 meeting.  Learn how you can get a shade tree planted on your property at no expense to you, and find out what some of the issues are that distinguish the 2 transit options that have been under discussion for Columbia Pike. The meeting will be held at Taylor Elementary School.  A social half hour with refreshments will begin at 7:00pm and the meeting will start at 7:30.




Donaldson Run Stream Restoration

For information about the project, go to the County's Tributary B web page. To see a video about the original stream restoration project, click here.

Arlington County Website 
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When did vacuuming start? PDF Print E-mail
Thank you for following this issue.  I have no doubt that the magnatude of the effort the county is undertaking is eneormous, and that the wet weather has only slowed progress this year.  However, I subscribe to the County leaf collection e-mail listserv.  One thing that I would appreciate if the County could address is why they have already begun a second pass on Zone 1 when they have not even completed the first pass of Zone 5 (which includes Donaldson Run)?  Moreover, on November 30 they announced that:
"We were scheduled to start vacuum collection in Zone 5 on Saturday [11/28], however, we will start collection in Zone 5 today, to meet our commitment to start vacuum collection in all zones by the end of November."
I find it a bit disingenuous for the county on the one hand to divert a truck to Zone 5 on November 30 so that they can claim to have fulfilled a commitment to start vacuum collection in all zones by the end of November, but then on the other hand send resources to parts of the county that have already had a vacuum collection before ensuring that collection has been completed in Zone 5.  For my part, I would have preferred that they complete Zone 4 and then move to Zone 5, whenever that date may be, and only then proceed to taking a second pass.
Thank you for your time.
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